Single Mast System

Single Mast Lightning System Installation in Leicestershire

We are official installers of the SafeStrike Early Streamer Emission (ESE) single mast system for the United Kingdom which is a single mast, low maintenance system.
SafeStrike is British made and tested by British Aerospace that carries a five year guarantee. Its main advantages are that it provides umbrella cover for the whole building or site and works efficiently on two Down Conductors, thereby reducing the number of tapes to both roof and walls.

It is especially useful for larger sites and congested urban areas, where a Faraday Cage System is impractical E.G. access to ground. Furthermore, only Metalwork within 1Mtr of the Mast requires bonding. Often, this system is also quicker to install, thereby providing both a cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing solution.

Our Previous Projects

The Safestrike Air Terminal is approved by insurers such as Zurich Municipal and Norwich Union.

Further information, Catalogues and an Installation list of buildings where the Early Streamer Emission (ESE) single mast system has been fitted are available on request and includes Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Ministry of Defence, The Home Office and RAF bases.

We have worked on a variety of projects including No1 Gunwarfe Quays in Portsmouth.

Internationally Approved

The Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor System carries French, European and International Standards as well as a full and comprehensive British Standard Report. It also has a BSI Certificate of Test Witnessing.

If fitted, the client would receive a Certificate of Compliance to British Standard for the Earth Installations only, as well as a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Testing for the Pulsar Unit.

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