Faraday Cages

Lightning Protection in Leicestershire

In order to afford protection to a building structure in the event of a Lightning strike, a Lightning Protection System is required, combining Copper and / or Aluminium Roof Tapes and Down Conductors with an Earthing System.

Faraday Cage Conductor System

Tapes are fitted to both the roof and walls of the building to form a Faraday Cage, thereby providing a designated route for the current to travel to ground. If required, these can be matched to the colour of the building using PVC-covered tape.

In the case of steel-structured buildings, the framework can be utilised as the Faraday Cage and relevant stanchions are then earthed at base, as specified in BSEN 62305.

Any Type of Building

We design, install, inspect, maintain and test all types of lightning protection equipment and systems. Our work is carried out across the UK on a wide range of buildings and structures which include:

  • Hospitals
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Historic buildings and churches
  • Hotels
  • Commercial and industrial buildings

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